Nothing! We have everything you need at the studio! There are fresh towels on every bike, complimentary bike shoes, keyless lockers, water for sale, complete shower amenities, and clean high-end products in the beautybar.



We like riding in tank tops or t-shirts, and leggings or shorts. And of course, socks.



You must sign a waiver before you ride. Anyone under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver before they ride, no exceptions. 



New riders, please arrive to class 15 minutes early so we can get you comfortable and fitted on your bike. Our front desk concierge will find the perfect settings for you and show you how to adjust! 



Please initial next to your name on the sign-in sheet every time you arrive so we know that you are ready to ride! If you aren’t signed in 3 minutes before a class time, we will release your bike to waiting riders. 


Complimentary cycle shoes are provided for you. Our pedals are only compatible with SPD or Look Delta clips. You can bring your own cycle shoes and we have awesome shoes for sale. Riding is so much more fun and most stable when everyone is clipped in!



We have a filtered water filling station in the studio, so drink up! We also sell Smart Water, Local Dalia Sofia Kombucha. Drink water all day, everyday, especially if you’re going to be riding. 



Store your valuables or your not so valuables in our keyless lockers.


In order to book a bike, you need to have a class in your account. We offer pricing options for every budget, from a single class to a whole year of unlimited classes. Call, text, or email the studio for guidance, we're happy to help!



Once you have classes in your account, you can book your bikes! The bike you choose is the bike you ride on, they are easily numbered in the studio and a concierge team member will personally bring you to your bike when you arrive. TO BOOK: click on the class time you want, click on the bike you want and you are all set to go! We are happy to book your bikes for you, just give us a call or email. Walk-ins are always welcome and will be added to class if there is space avilable.



Our schedule comes out every Sunday at noon, it opens for 2 weeks at a time. 



If you find your favorite class is all booked up, don’t fret, because there is a waitlist. Add yourself to the waitlist and you are very likely to get into the class. We will call or email you when a bike opens up. If you don’t make it off the waitlist, the class goes back into your account.



We don’t want you to cancel! But if you can’t make it to class, please cancel 12 hours before your class and the class will go back into your account. You can do this online or by calling the studio. If you don’t cancel 12 hours before, then the class will be lost; unlimited series will be charged a $23 no show fee. 


Childcare is available for children 6 weeks and up. It is open 30 minutes before class and stays open as long as you need. Signing up in advance is required.



Our studio has beautiful spa inspired women's and men's locker rooms complete with private showers that are stocked with professional aromatherapy products, a product bar, towels and hair dryers. Basically we have everything for you!


We go beyond the physical aspect of a workout and really dive into the mind and soul side of things. In class we ride together, to the beat of the music in a dark candle lit room. We guide you through easy to follow cues on the bike while coaches say just the right things at just the right moments. You're letting go mentally and you're letting go physically. You're giving in to change, giving in to becoming stronger and more powerful; you're leaving it all on the bike and walking out of the studio a more on fire than you walked in. This is more than a seriously amazing complete body workout. It's a life changing experience! It's just so much more. It's Method.

Our exclusive Method was developed by a badass group of professional fitness experts to burn maximum calories during and well after your workout! The Method is crafted to boost your metabolism, strengthen muscles, and tone your entire body. Our studio has a high-end spa feel with every amenity you need provided. BONUS! Our childcare is staffed with the best nannies around!

TRANSFORM is our signature 45-minute class. Childcare, complimentary shoes, cold eucalyptus towel, filtered water, and luxury amenities are offered. Please click around our web-site to learn more about the studio, and of course follow us on social media!