Snacks! I love them post work out, to grab on my way out the door, at the beach, in my purse for our children and more. Sometimes I think I'm choosing a healthier option when in reality I'm loading my family up with sugar and processed ingredients that I can't pronounce. And let's be honest here, I really like to save my sugar intake for the occasional margarita and a wild weekend cookie binge.  Here are 5 popular go-to snacks that need just a few more seconds of thought. 

Energy Bars. Just pay attention to the ingredients in your energy bars. Putting a list of processed ingredients and sugar into your body will initially give you a little boost but it wont be sustained and isn’t good for your overall health.

Reduced fat peanut butter is usually loaded up with extra sugar to make up for the lost fat. Fat from nuts is good for you so don’t be afraid! Sugar - bad. Nut fat - good.

Bottled tea. Many brands sold in stores contain little to no ECGC, the antioxidant that’s linked to cancer prevention, weight loss, lower chance of heart disease and more. Brew your own tea at home. You know what you’re getting and you can rock a reusable bottle.

Flavored Instant oatmeal. You’re trying to start the day with a fast and hearty breakfast option but in reality you’re starting the day with too much sugar and sodium. A better and just as easy option is to jazz up regular oatmeal with some fresh fruit, seeds and nuts.

Yogurt. A high number of beautifully packaged yogurts at your local market will have 25-40 grams of sugar (a snickers bar has 27g). Not all yogurts are bad; you can be packing in protein, calcium and vitamin B. Just make sure to read the labels really quick, try a different option if you hit over 15 grams of sugar.

Make health and wellness simple. Start small, it all adds up!

In good health: Meg .... Follow me on Instagram @cityandsouth