Hit Your Spring Reset

The start of spring is here and it is your second chance to reflect, refocus and hit the restart button. We like to think of it as New Years x2. Check out how your favorite coaches are starting the new season stronger than ever...

I can. I will. Method. (6).png


  • Plan your whole week out on Sunday night - at least the big things, work meetings, office hours, workouts, healthy dinners. Leave room for some sanity, but plan out the big parts so you can’t lose.

  • Find a healthy treat that becomes “your thing.” Lately mine is kombucha and I started replacing my second/third cup of coffee or my mid afternoon cookie “for energy” with a refreshing kombucha instead. 

  • Try to see a sunrise one morning per week. Easy to do if you take the 5:30am class! #rooster


Let go. Let go of old (winter) bad habits. Let go of an item in your house/closet/etc that you didn't use last season. Make room for something new. Let go of the pressure and just make your list, cross things off one by one. Take sh*t as it comes. Try something new. Explore somewhere new! Invite a new buddy/friend to workout at Methodride with you ;)


BEING MORE PRESENT! Less posting, more talking. Being less interesting, more interested. Less ME, more OTHERS.


  • ROUTINE!  Keep showing up for yourself!  It's going to get warmer and it sometimes gets easy to be sidetracked and lured out of your workout routine... keep it up - your mind and body will thank you!

  • Get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Vitamin D and some Vitamin SEA - we are in Charleston!

  • Hit up an Oyster Roast (especially if you haven't already)


I'm going to keep it simple and say clean all your closets. It helps keep your mind clear. 

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