Meet MethodRide Coach of the month Mary, jack-of-all-trades but mostly a full time mom, full time Graphic Designer, full time Method Junkie!

Meet MethodRide Coach of the month, Mary. Jack-of-all-trades but mostly a full time mom, full time Graphic Designer, full time Method Junkie!

Quote or mantra you live by?  Embrace change 

What’s your sign?  Aquarius 

Your favorite part about being apart of the ROCKSTAR Method Coaching Squad?  The riders of course!  For real!  Helping them reach physical and mental goals.  

Hidden talent?  I am kind of a MacGyver in the kitchen...not to brag, but I can make something delicious out of nothing.  That has to be a talent ;)

What brought you to Method?  One of Coach Taylor's Community Rides!  Love at first {Method} ride!  Having the childcare made it so easy for me to come.  Method ride has truly changed my life.  I had that ride just at the right time, truly fate.  I had a life-changing event happen the day after that first ride.  MethodRide was there for me.  I used those bikes to celebrate the good and to take out the bad.  Bike therapy.  I have cried, laughed... everything, on those bikes.

Favorite Method Move?  I LOVE a good dab + snap combo 

Tell us about your first ride...  First true cycling class was about a year ago.  My friend invited me to a class and my first thought was "oh I don't know I haven't really been working out/what if I’m not good... etc".  I was filling in lots of excuses not to go and I realize now it was all mental.  Now I try everything!  

Best song to snap it back to?  Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man - Fast, Feel good track!

Favorite pre- or post-ride snack?  I am always on the go so usually a banana or a Quest Bar (both can be eaten while driving and momming)

Your current healthy obsession?  Franks Red Hot Sauce!  On EVERYTHING.  The only condiment I use these days.

Who have you always wanted to meet?  Prince... and I will someday

Guilty pleasure?  Pitbull 

What book are you reading?  Girlboss


Mary can be found on the podium regularly on Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 6:30pm, Fri @ 6:30am, and Sat @ 9:30am!

Sign up for her free COMMUNITYride Friday the 15th at 6:30am!