Come to this free introductory class as many times as you want!

Created for our brand new riders to get the inside scoop on form and Method Moves, it opens up moments to ask your coaches questions during the class, and just gives an opportunity to be extra comfortable your first time to the studio. 

Experienced riders can also join to brush up on the fundamentals and core basics behind your ride.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This 30 minute ride will bring you throughly through each position on the bike, the proper way to ride in these positions and the improper way to ride. Your coach will take extra time to explain the easiest way to find the beat of the music on the bike. You will learn the in's and out's of the core Method Moves and the fundamentals of the signature METHODride. 

HOW TO BOOK MY BIKE & MY FRIENDS BIKES: Click "book my bikes" below or on the websites main menu. Find the FREE Into to the Method class at 11:30am on the Saturday of your choice and click reserve. (Note: if you are not logged into your account, it will prompt you to login) Reserve for yourself. Click Reserve for Guest and sign up your friends. 

Email or call the studio with any questions! Booking is avilable 2 weeks in advance on Sundays at noon.