Some of us have them and some of us don't - though secretly we do ;) Yep, it's the time for some New Years Resolutions! And we love it! All of the energy, goals, and motivation is around... it's totally contagious! Here are your coaches 2018 goals in case you need a little inspiration...

MARY:  Get more sleep - 7-8 hours of sleep - Boom. Only check, post, or be on social media for 30 min a day - SAY WHAT - yes. Make my own Kombucha. Buy a new couch... because we need one bad and I actually think it will change my life.

DANA: Less phone time during the whole day, especially before bed (aka what I'm doing right now). In general... focusing less on me and more on others. Start off grad school with a BANG!

MICHELLE: To help someone else keep their new year's resolution going all year! And to read 1 book per month.

LIZ: My resolutions are to get on the bike more!!! To deepen my yoga practice and eat less desserts! 

JEANINE: More yoga/meditation - less stress. Cleaner eating. Write a new stand up set. Explore Charleston.

TAYLOR: My new years resolution is to stay present with what is happening around me when it is happening. And to clean up my nutrition... maybe. 

SJ: In 2018 I want to reconnect with old goals and make them happen.