People love to joke about “New Year’s Resolutioners”, calling them out on their sudden urge to pack the gym and stay clear of the junk food isles. Everyone knows someone who complains about people hogging the treadmills at the gym.

But there is nothing wrong with making resolutions. In fact, they are awesome! An opportunity to better yourself? Heck yes!

It doesn’t matter why you’re deciding to make a change... It could be based on the start of this new year, a birthday, an upcoming wedding, or a Monday. It's all motivation. It’s all a reason to start. The tricky part is turning that motivation into ACTION, and that starts way at the very beginning with your actual resolution.

Think about some of the common resolutions you hear… “I want to lose weight”... “I'm going to be healthier”... “I’m going to save more money, order take-out less, read more, etc.”

Awesome goals, the only problem with all of these goals is the wording. Lose how much weight? Eat better what? Save money how? When you make these vague goals you get the same vague results you're used to or no results at all.

You need to get SPECIFIC!

Let's start with one of these vague goals… “be healthier.” That is really a great goal to work towards, but “be healthier” doesn't do much in the way of helping you actually achieve anything. Healthy how? What do you consider healthy? How will you do this? Are you going to go right from eating pizza 3 times a week to taking shots of wheatgrass before your 5am workout?

Figure out what will help you reach your vague goal.

If Healthy to you means eating vegetables and working out then you decide to workout 3x per week and eat 1 vegetable per meal. BOOM! There's your new goal.

You now know EXACTLY what you have to do to “be healthier” in 2017. And you will know immediately if you're successful or not.

Every night you can ask yourself if you ate a vegetable at each meal that day and when Saturday rolls around you can ask yourself, “did I workout 3x this week?” Check and check ✔️ you're on the right track!

You can do this with every goal!

Save Money ➡️ Make coffee at home 3x per week instead of buying it. Put the $15 you saved in my savings account every Friday.

Read more ➡️ Read 1 book per Month. (This is my 2017 resolution!! If anyone wants to join my book club holla’ atcha girl!)