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What you put into your body after you ride is super important, almost as important as the ride itself! There is one drink that I will ALWAYS drink after an intense HOUSEride. Yep, chocolate milk!

  • The natural sugar in chocolate milk refuels what you used during the ride and gives your body an immediate boost.
  •  Milk has plenty of protein to repair the muscles.  
  • After a workout you need to replenish glycogen (sugar) in your muscles so your body can start the process of protein synthesis (muscle rebuilding). This is all so your body can recover more efficiently for your next ride! 
  • There is a powerhouse of natural nutrients, including calcium and potassium.
  • It is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to protein powders. 
  • Amazingly delicious!
Liz Wood – RIDEHOUSEmethod Coach


Insta: liz_fitcharleston