Coach Sarah looks fantastic (always!) and it's smack dab in the middle of the holiday party season! Let's find out her tips & tricks!

-       Eat a full, balanced meal before you leave the house -- a balanced meal keeps you full so you are less likely to snack!

-       Bring apple slices, carrots, protein drink or a low-sugar, high-fiber bar -- when you feel the snack attack coming on grab this first!

-       Bring your own wine and/or bottle of water… you can even decorate it, make it festive!-- this will keep you away from the sugary cocktails, cocoas, and ciders that tend to be present. Plus it totally counts as a housewarming gift…

-       Offer to bring the veggie plate! -- this way you will know there will be a healthy option at the party.

-       Have fun and don't stress. The more you consume your mind on NOT snacking, the more you will want to do it, so keep yourself moving and in conversation-- you’ll forget all about the snack table and instead you'll be making holiday memories and maybe even making new RHmethod buds :)