TRUTH: I am not someone that hops out of bed every morning ready to exercise (I also do not ‘hop’ out of bed in general). I need the MORE. I crave that magical mixture of soul, sweat and tears. I want to be moved and motivated while creating my healthier body. I also want my workout to be worth my time… if I’m going to be doing it, it better be worth it. The “more” it was moves me.

THE BEGINNING: When I moved to Charleston I was paying big-city workout prices yet receiving underwhelming classes, especially after going through the hassle of finding a trust worthy babysitter (say hello to boutique childcare inside a cycle studio idea). I knew I was going to create a consistent and proven method instead of finding a franchise or winging it. What I really wanted to create though, was a huge party! A workout that is so great it makes me forget I am transforming every muscle in my body. I wanted to find myself in that dark, candle lit room while breaking down barriers and have no one watching me do it. I wanted to set my intentions and crush them; and a coach to help me reach my goals so I don’t have to think. I wanted a break from the non-stop technology driven world, no numbers to follow or zones to get into.

FITNESS BACKGROUND: I worked in NYC’s top fitness studios for many years which prepared me to create the Method for more than just myself. Those years molded me to create an unforgettable experience for every single person that walks into MethodRide. I currently do not coach any classes at Method - not enough hours in the day right now. You can find me riding front row or side bar during am classes.

PERSONAL: I was raised in Lakeville, Minnesota - nice! Found myself in New York City - hello Brooklyn, how ya doin? Currently living in Charleston - palm trees & golf carts. I’m a jack of all trades and a master at all of them. I’m into AND’s and not OR’s... why limit ourselves, right? I’ve been a tv journalist and a sports radio personality; I’ve worked live entertainment production (aka world-wide concert tours) and the music festival production; I was once a hair stylist. I have two young daughters, Ramona and Roxie. I’m married to Dave. I’m allergic to everything. I live off coffee. I drink stouts and champagne. This phrase is annoying but here goes… I am a foodie. There I said it, but it’s true. I love to travel (doesn’t everyone? maybe not).

I am so fricken excited about this Method, our rockstar team, my first studio and watching people transform. I like to say we reinvented the wheel. Don’t over think it if you want to check it out, just get your booty into the studio and we will take it from there. See you on the bike soon!


-Megan Rasmussen Pawlowski, Owner and Creator of MethodRide