MethodRide was created after I was done searching all over Charleston for the quality physical and mental workout I wanted. I was frustrated with paying big-city prices and receiving underwhelming service, especially after going through the hassle of finding a babysitter! The Mount Pleasant area is more than ready and frankly just deserves more; so the decision was made to create MethodRide! 

I knew right away that we were going to offer childcare with the best staff so parents don’t have the stress of finding a sitter. I also knew I wanted to create a proven method instead of finding a franchise or winging it.

Our method is researched and backed by science to burn maximum calories and continue to do so after the workout; the rides are carefully crafted to boost the riders metabolism, strengthen slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers and tone the entire body. Yea, I'm not messing around with this! Method Coaches are DJ's, motivational speakers, rhythm perfectionists, physical machines and truly caring individuals. 

There are a lot of workouts popping up that work off numbers and technology. I quickly dismissed tech for MethodRide because we all know when we've worked as hard as we can and we know when we could've given it a little more; the method does the rest for us. 

I am bursting with excitement and so excited to bring this workout to Mount Pleasant! We are growing so fast that a second location is in the works! Charleston has the best people, beaches, and restaurants; The MethodRide Studio Team is excited to join the best of Charleston. LETS RIDE!  


-Megan Pawlowski